Wednesday, 23 July 2014

5 Tips to Create Attractive Static Web Designs

Web design is the face of your website. Therefore it should be attractive and appealing. Your web design decides the layout of your website. Therefore you should be clear and precise about the way you want your site to be presented. You can seek the help of a professional web designer that can help you create the best designs for your website. There are many big, small and freelancer web designing companies which will offer you with attractive deals and prices. However to get quality work done you need to make a wise design. One of easiest way to showcase your business and product online is through static web design. These designs remain unchanged and to make any modification as you need to have web programming knowledge.

Here are some tips that you can look upon to create an attractive web design for your site.

-> Examples of Previous Work:

Before deciding upon any web design company you should look upon the previous work done by the company. Previous client feedback helps you to make a guess on the quality of work done by the company. You can look upon the basic static designs created by the company. Make sure that the design you choose should not be copied or used by any other website. Secondly it should be user friendly and attractive.

-> Size of the Company:

It is not at all necessary to hire big companies and big names for your website. You can get quality results by hiring a small company which can lead up to your expectations. The merit of hiring these companies is that you get good web design in fewer prices. These firms offer deals and packages to attract customers. Since these firms are small in size therefore you seek to have individual attention.

-> Avoid using Flash Designs:

Flash designs though provide an attractive look for your site. But they may fail your whole SEO strategy but it is difficult for web crawlers to crawl through flash design websites. Hence Static web designs are best for your website. They are user friendly and attractive can help you a lot in implementing your SEO strategy.

-> Hidden Text:

Instruct you website designer to avoid using hidden text on your web page. Hidden text is considered as spam by web crawlers. Spam may lead to lower website ranking and moreover you may be penalized by even banning your site from search results. An attractive and ideal static web design will help save you from difficult situation.

-> Proper Navigation:

Your website design should be easy to navigate users to your other pages. Using CSS drop down navigation tool will help web crawlers to easily navigate through the pages of your website and also help them to go through the hyperlinks of the webpages. Moreover users always prefer those sites which navigate them properly through web pages. Since Static web design is simple and avoids any complexities. It is easy to apply CSS drop down navigation tool for such static websites.

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